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FCKeditor Filebrowser image deleting mod

This is an english version of the page "Мод удаления файлов" - official page of FCKeditor FileBrowser image deleting mod.

This mod modify FCKeditor FileBrowser's window by placing a hyperlink [x] before the name of each file shown in list. After click on this [x], the new window with buttons "No! Leave it!" and "Yes, delete" will be opened. Confirm file deletion to remove uploaded file from server.




0. Do Backup! This freeware mod is delivered by a principle "As is". The user should take all risk of use of the mod. The author does not bear any liability for damages, the direct or indirect freeware versions which have arisen at use even if the author has informed on possibility of such losses.

1. Download the archive FCKeditor_Filebrowser_image_deleting_mod.zip and unzip it into the directory "FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/" (The file "frmresourceslist.html" will be replaced and the file "unlink.php" in the sub-directory "connectors/php/" will be created).

2. Edit setting in the file "FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/connectors/php/unlink.php" to change settings (follow instruction, that is included inside of the file).


3. To receive critical updates for mod vulnerability prevention - Register (this is free) by placing any comment on the official mod's page www.wgent.com/arxiv/arxiv_publikacij/mod_udaleniya_fajlov.htm (Page is written in Russian language, but you may leave comments in english:

3.1. Enter your name into the field "Ваше имя (логин) на форуме";

3.2. Enter your E-mail address (it will be hidden from spammers by the forum's engine) into the field "Ваш пароль, если Вы уже зарегистрировались на форумах Obninsk.name, либо e-mail, если ещё нет."

3.3. Put any comment into the textarea "Текст сообщения" and click "Отправить" submit button).


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